Common Activities

The Children’s Day 2022

Holy Family Convent, Kalutara celebrated “The Children’s Day “on the 3rd of October 2022 in a very innovative manner. The creativity and tremendous efforts of the teachers of aesthetic subjects and the support of the whole academic and non-academic staff made the day successful.

From Grade 1 to 3, the little familians got the experience of the life of a village with a play house and a farm with live animals, built with the help of parents.

Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 girls got the opportunity to be creative in their own way by making masks, wall hangers, photo frames and etc. They entertained themselves with some fine music and dancing.

Girls from grade 8 upwards were benefited with some worthy discussions conducted by resource persons from outside the school. To end the day’s program they enjoyed a sing along session.

All the familians enjoyed their day to the fullest and without any doubt this was the best Children’s day celebration we had in school in many years.

Our Principals' Welcome and Farewell Ceremonies

The year 2022 brims with series of reminiscences .The farewell ceremony of Rev. Sr. Priyanthi Jayatunga, Our Principal was held on 20 th of April And the Welcome of the New Principal, Rev. Sr. Jesika Kulatunga was held on the same day with participation of Rev. Fr. Gemunu Dias, General manager of the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Colombo, Rev. Fr. Jayashantha Sovis, Rector of the Holy Cross College, Kalutara , Rev. Sisters, the staff and the students. Holy Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fathers, and we were prayed for God's blessings upon our dearest Principals. We held a celebration to honor the former principle's memory and to welcome the new principal with a great pleasure.

Bicentennial Jubilee Celebration of the Divine Eucharistic Miracle

We celebrated the 200th anniversary of the miraculous apparition of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist to the sisters of Holy Family Congregation on the 3rd of February 2022. It was organized by the Sisters and P.B.N. Family of the school.

To celebrate this special occasion we organized to have continuous adoration by different grades. Last hour was for teachers. Finally, Benediction was given by the parish Priest of Kalutara, Rev. Fr. Leo Camillus.

The Welcome Ceremony of the New Deputy Principal

The senior prefects organized the ceremony to welcome the New Deputy Principal, Rev. Sr. Maurin Hettiarachchi. It was held on the 6 th of January 2022.

A meaningful prayer Service was offered to the Almighty God to receive his blessings for her new appointment at our school.With the covid 19 health instructions, we were able to hold the ceremony successfully. May the Lord bless her and guide her to achieve success and contentment in her future endeavours.

We bid Adieu

The year 2021 ended with a memorable event in Holy Family Convent,Kalutara. Rev. Sr. Charitha Thandalge, Our Vice Principal from 2016 to 2021 left school receiving her new office at Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya.

Due to the prevailing health conditions the farewell was held partly on 13th and 14th December in the primary section, 21st-intermeadiate section, 22nd-upper school, sticking to the current restrictions of mass gatherings.


Christmas Carols-2021

Christmas is incomplete without Christ, for He shared love, joy, and peace with us. Jesus chose to be born in a manger, did not seek the comforts of kings and palaces. But He comes with the message of love, joy,peace ,patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control for all Humankind.

The world in which we live , we experience violence, pain, terrorism and anguish. Man against man, nature and whole creation. As the followers of Jesus Christ let us think....... what is our response to the reality......???

So let us pray that the Christmas may bring joy, love to the whole world that each one of may learn to respect the dignity of all creation. Wish you all a healthy life and may the birth of Christ be a light to the human kind.

Thanks to our dear students for your beautiful performance . Miss Rochelle Fernando and Rev. Sr. Achala Costa thank you for your hard work .Best Wishes for a very happy christmas.

The ceremonial opening of bicentennial building

The ceremonial opening of our new building blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Anton Ranjith, Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo and declared open by Rev. Sr. Jesmin Fernando, unit leader of Holy Family Association, Colombo unit on the 27th of October at 10.00a.m.The ceremony was simple due to covid 19 pandemic, but it was meaningful.

The building was named as the “Bicentennial Building” to pay tribute to the 200 year journey of the Holy Family Sisters of Bordeaux.

Teachers Day Celebrations-2021

Our teachers' day was celebrated on the 5th of October 2021 and it was conducted by the prefects of our school. It was well organized with creative and marvelous events. Teachers' events, prefects' events and students' events were included in this special occasion. There were so many wishes and cards that the students had prepared for the teachers to show their gratitude towards them. Abiding to the covid-19 guidelines we conducted this ceromony via Zoom and we were able to organize it successfully as a school family along with Rev. Sr. Priyanthi Jayatunga, our Principal, Vice Principals, teachers and the students.

Chidren’s Day Celebration

The children's day was celebrated in so many ways physically during the past years. But due to the covid -19 pandemic we had to celebrate it virtually. So, the prefects organized several programmes under the theme "Athwela" for each grade in school. It was held on the 1st of October and some selected resource persons engaged with the programmes to celebrate the event. The teachers incharge of prefects and the staff members of our school guided the prefects to make this event successful. The programmes were sheduled within a specific time frame for each grade. Thus,our Children's Day was celebrated as a school family with the participations of the students, teachers, parents and past pupils. The following resource persons joined the programmes and our heartfelt thanks goes out to each and everyone of you for making our day successful!

Grade1 and 2-Mrs.Champika Sandamali, Mrs.Harshi De Silva, Mrs. Anusha Wickramasekara, Mrs. Jennath Ahla

Grade3-Mrs. Sharmein Cooray, Mrs. Nadee Sithara

Grade4-Dr. Shermila Fernando, Miss. Zehara perera

Grade5-Mrs. Sathya Wimalasooriya

Grade6-Mr. Ireshan Perera, Miss. Uththara Wijesooriya

Grade7-Mr. Chaminda,Miss. Natasha Janson, Miss. Jeniffer Jansen

Grade 8-Mrs. Dilaksha Fernando

Grade 9-Mr. Uchitha Ilangasighe, Mr. Ramedha C. Thoradeniya, Mr. Gihan Anurada

Grade10-Prof. Rangika Halvathura, Mr.Anton Deshapriya

Grade11-Mrs. Marian Fernando, Miss. Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala

Post O/L 2020-Mrs. D. M. P. Siriwardena, Chef. Mahesh Ranganatha, Miss. Sunimali Perera, Miss. Poojya Perera

Grade12-Rev. Sr. Timali Lowe

Grade13-Rev. Sr. Dineshika Fernando, Mr. Dinesh Nirmal

Annual May Feast-2021

Our Annual May Feast was held on 31st of May 2021. Due to the covid- 19 pandemic situation we were not able to conduct it in school as a school family. So it was conducted as a virtual event. All the prayers and hymns were prepared and selected by the Junior prefects of 2021 under the guidance of the teachers incharge of the prefects, Rev. Sr. Charitha Thandalge,Mrs.Nadeeja Perera and Poorna Wickramasinghe. All the teachers and students of our school were invited to join via Google Meet and the virtuous life of Mother Mary were reflected in the month of May. We are grateful to our Almighty God for all His blessings that He has showered upon us throughout the programme.

Advanced Level Students' Farewell 2020

The farewell ceremony of the 2020 A/L batch was held on 11th September 2020 with participation of Rev. Sr. Priyanthi Jayathunga , the principal of the school, Rev. Sisters, teachers, students and their parents.

The Holy mass was held by Rev. Fr. Murin. Mr. Mahinda Namal conducted the session “Mawpiya Wandana”, Veneration of parents, an emotional moment for all the participants.

During her speech Mrs. Marian Fernando made the students aware of the related facts of preparation for the examination.

Students were blessed by Rev. Sr. Principal and Rev. Sr. Charitha Thandalge, Vice Principal of the school in their speeches while it marked the end of the ceremony.

The Annual Carol Service 2019

The Annual Carol Service on the theme of " The Birth" was held on 1st December 2019 in the main hall under the presence of the special Guests of ev Ranjith Madurawala the former General manage of Catholic Private schools and Rev Fr Sriyananda Fernando the parish priest of kotugoda

School Day- 2018

The birthday of Rev.Fr.Pierre Bienvenu Noailles the founder of the Association of the Holy Family Congregation was celebrated this year in the school on 23rd October 2018.

Teachers' Day- 2018

The Teachers' Day was celebrated in the school premises on the 5th October 2018. It was organized by the senior prefects’ guild of the school. The day was a success.

Children’s' Day Celebration-2018

The Children’s' Day celebrations was organized by the principal and the staff, in the school premises on the 1st October 2018. The day was a great success.

May Feast 2018

The annual May feast organized by the teachers and the prefects of Holy Family Convent and Holy Cross College was held this year too on 30th May 2018 at Holy Cross Church, Kalutara. It was held to invoke Mother Mary's blessings on the two schools.

Welcoming the new A/L students-2018

The grade 13 students of the Holy Family Convent Kalutara welcomed the freshers to the A/L classrooms on 14th May 2018. Not only students but also the teachers of the respective sections warmly welcomed their students to the new classes.

First Day Workshop - 2018

The Sati Pasala mindfulness program was held on the 03rd January 2018 at Holy Family Convent, Kaluthara. The participants consisted of more than 300 students of year 11 and 12 and teachers. Our Principal, Rev. Sister Priyanthi Jayathunga was very enthusiastic about the program and she actively participated in the proceedings. She remained with the students for the entire duration of the training session as did the Deputy Principal, Rev. Sister Charitha Thandalge and The Vice Principal, Mrs. Prasadini Perera. It was very clear that the students had grasped the benefit of the practice of "sati" and had clearly understood that this practice has tremendous practical value to them. As such, they were able to eat the toffee mindfully deriving a high degree of enjoyment. They all seemed to have felt quite relaxed & calm during the session on body scanning. It was extremely heartening to note the student’s feedback on mindful walking and sitting. They all expressed the fact that Sati’ would be a useful tool, that would be especially valuable for them when doing their studies & sitting for exams.

Teacher's and Children's day 2017

Both the teacher's and the children's day were celebrated together on 2nd October 2017 during school time in the school premises. It was organized by the teachers and the prefects of the school. The chief guest was Mrs. B.G. Perera, a former staff member of our school. Many items were presented by the students and teachers. Everyone enjoyed the day.

The School Day - 2016

The school day which falls commemorating the birthday of our "Good Father" founder Rev. Fr. Pierre Bienvenu Noailles was held on 27th October 2016. This year on an invitation extended to several Reverend sisters who had completed over 25 year serving the society in various capacities was present to share their experiences. The most important was the school family participating in the Holy mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Cecil Joy Perera Rector of the "Daham Sevana" Seminary, Kalutara. It was a day of celebration for the School family.

The teachers' day

The teacher's day was special event which was organized by the prefects and the pupils of the school. This event was held on 6th of October 2016 at the main hall and the teachers were welcomed by the class monitresses. The head girl of the school delivered a speech appreciating their hard work.

Mindfulness Program

A two day mindfulness program was held on 27th of September and 11th October, 2019 for grade 5 - 12 students. It was conducted by Ven. Athurugiriye Dammavihari Thero. Students were instructed on mindful walking, mindful sitting, mindful eating and some activities were done to inspire the kids to live mindfully in our day to day life.

The Children's day

The Childrens day was organized by the staff members of the school on 3rd of October 2016. Every single grade was given the opportunity to perform an item to make this event successful.

May Feast

May feast was held in the parish church of Kalutara. It was a joint event of Holy Family Convent and our brother school Holy Cross College. The chief celebrant was Rev.Fr. Cecil Joy Perera.

Celebrating the Sinhala & Tamil New Year in school

The annual New Year celebration of the school was a great experience for student. The chief guest for the occasion was Mrs. Rajitha Perera, teacher instructor of Sinhala language in the Kalutara zone. It was an opportunity for the whole school to recall and experience the custom and rituals connected to the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The students and teachers participated in the New Year games with lot of enthusiasm.

Annual Inter House Athletic Sports meet -2019

Holy Family Convent, Kalutara organized their inter house athletic sports meet this year too. It was held on 9th February 2019 in the Holy Cross College grounds, Kalutara. The chief guest was Mr. Athula Wijewardane, the Deputy Director of Health and Physical Education, Kalutara zone. The guest of honour was Mrs. Anne De Silva, the president of HFC PPA and a former teacher of HFC. The Marcel house kept new record by being the champions of the sports meet for the first time after 25 years. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our principal Rev.Sr.Priyanthi Jayathunga, Mrs. Prasadini Perera our vice principal, Mrs. Indika Vass and Mrs. Deepani Senevirathne our two sports teachers, academic and non- academic staff, all the parents, prefects, stewards, members of the bands and all the students who participated to make this special event a success.