School History

1934 to 1938



1 Reverend Mother Mary Omeraan Irish Missionary and a founder member of Holy Family Convent, Kalutara,assumed her duties as the first Principal in January 1934 and relinquished her post in 1938 after a short period of four years.Her love, dedication and commitment to the vision of the Holy Family Apostolate and the deep faithin her that had strengthened Reverend Mother to overcome every obstacle met during the early years.

The honor of creating and designing the school flag goes to her and to Mother Loyola the Superior of the Convent and Rt. Reverend J.M.Masson, Bishop of Colombo.Theywill be remembered with reverence for this noble deed.

1938 to 1958



The successor was Reverend Mother Mary Agnes Flynn who assumed duties in 1938 and continued up to 1958. A young institute in her care and the number of admissions increasing,expansion was necessary. It was during this period that more classrooms, two laboratories for the science section, the Western Music and Oriental Dancing sectionwas begun. With this, the school was on itsforward march with certainty.

Reverend Mother Agnes will behonoured and remembered for her great service in composing the School Anthem and Reverend Mother Catherine the Superior of the Convent for assisting with the music.

1958 to 1970



Reverend Mother Anthony Joseph Mulvihill whotook office in 1958 to 1970 was the third principal who steered the ship for twelve years.

Reverend Mother was known to be a believer of ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’. She had maintained the standard of education and discipline alike.Withthe guidance received, the school continued its forward march but, with her departure in 1970, the school saw the end of the love and care of the missionary mothers.

The Silver Jubilee of the school was celebrated during her office.

The names of the pioneer missionary mothers who served the school from 1934 to 1970 will echo and re-echo in the hearts and minds of all who enter the gates of this school, a land mark of the country, beacon to the city of Kalutara.

Generations will keep remembering the humble and friendly nature, the welcoming smile and the tactful qualities of the missionary Reverend Mothers whose ambition was to teach the value of human life to every person met in their life’s journey.

We pray that you find solace and eternal rest in the company of angels.




With the appointment ofReverend Sister John Berchmans in 1970 the school entered a new era.Her name was written as the first Sri Lankan and the fourth principalof the school.

While seeing to the educationalneeds of the students she was personally concerned in the extra- curricular activities of the students. She fulfilled this requirement by providing a larger play ground and paved the way for more students to take part in sports and athletics.The Commerce section was begun in 1975. Reverend Sister was instrumental instarting the Western Band and buildingthe main hall, a long felt need.

It is noteworthy to mention that Reverend Sister was very fortunate to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the school in 1984 prior to her departure.

After marking several firsts to her credit, she handed over the administration to her successor in 1985.

1985 to 1996



Reverend Sister Mechtilde Marie took over as the fifth and the second Sri Lankan Principal In 1986. With a proud history of 50 years and entering into her 51st year the school had by then marked her success academically and in the field of sports. The number of entrants to the Universities from the Commerce, Arts and the Science Sections was increasingand so did the number of athletes. This was a period where oriental dancing, art and music marked much improvement. Opening of a new three storey building, refurbishing the library, holding the first prize giving are special servicesduring her era. The projects presented by the prefects union from 1993 to 1996.

1993 : “VikasithaSitham” – Art competition and exhibition

1994 : “VimasumDakum” – Educational Exhibition & Conference

1995 : “SahithyaVimansa” – Students’ Literary festival

Reverend Sister Mechtilde Marie was fortunate to celebrate the 60th Birthday of the School Mother in 1994.

1996 to 2001



Reverend Sister Theodora Hettiarachchi took office in 1996 as the sixth principal. A strict disciplinarian, strong and courageous personality, she saw to every possibility in assisting the school in its forward march and to engrave the name of the school as a leading educational institution in the city of Kalutara.Her personal concern and determination to improve the English section was evident in the achievements marked by the students in all grades. Reverend Sister herself took the responsibility ofteaching English,especially in the upper grades. The Girl Guide Association, The English Drama and Literary Association, Voice Training sessions by professionals,providing training opportunities for non trained teachers and Concerts to bring out the talents of the students are afew of the several projectsthat speak of her dutiful concern. During her period in office a new four storey building consisting of an Audio Visual section, aArt room,several class rooms and a new and spacious staff room for the teachers was constructed.The Senior Western Brass Band and new costumes for its members and refurbishing the administrative section also speak of her credible role as principal.

The New building was blessed and opened by Rt.Reverend Nicholas Marcus Fernando the Archbishop of Colombo. Prefects Projects from 1996 to 2001.

1996 : “Gee Mal Suwanda” – A musical Literary festival

1997 : “Prasangi” – a ballad based on Sri Lankan Dance History

1998 : “Variety Show” – Familian Talents

1999 : “Nada Siththam” – Presentation of both Sinhala and English short plays

2001 to 2010



The seventh principal appointed in 2002 was Reverend Sister MeriumDeepa Fernando. Her vision was based on the ‘Multiple Intelligences’ thetheory of Howard Gardner. She too was instrumental in improving the resources to make each student become a balanced personality. Since taking over the administration, she refurbished the old buildings and completed the construction of the four storey building for the primary section.

Reverend Sister Deepa Fernando was instrumental instarting the Information Communication Technology section,the internet facility for the students, updating the library with a separate spacious area for reading and introducing several new indoor and outdoor sports.

The Prefects Projects from 2002 – 2010

2002 : “VishwaKedella” – A musical drama – the universe as a family

2003 : Sinhala film “RalaTharnaya” “Through the Tempest”– the struggle for existence of a lower class family(this film is the first ever production by students of a school in Sri Lanka)

2004 : “Celebrations” –#8211; A Concert highlighting Familian Talents on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the school. Also as tribute to the Voice TrainingProgramme

2005 : “Duthikawo”- A stage drama based on the events of war, destruction and suffering

2006 : “Savikalpa” – An alternative Television Channel

2007 : “Prakampana” – A street drama highlighting emotional abuse by the electronic media, pressure in the presenteducation system and Ethnic disharmony

2008 : “Aeya” – A Conference on Woman leadership and show.

2009 : “MiyuruRawa” – A musical performance

The Seventy fifth Birthday of the school mother was celebrated in January2009. On this memorable occasion the School Website too was launched by the Chief Guest Rt.Reverend Oswald Gomis then Archbishop of Colombo.

2010 to 2015



The eighth principal of Holy Family Convent, Kalutara. She took over office from Sr.Deepa Fernando in February 2010. Though this was her first appointment as principal, she had a background of experience in the field of education as a teacher at St.Joseph's School, Nugegoda and as Vice Principal of Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya.

Her day as Principal began by a visit to the students' classes daily. This helped her to assess the students' needs, especially in their academic studies.

Her greatest and praiseworthy achievement was her initiative and effort to convert a piece of marshy land in the school premises into an environmentally friendly, green school building. This was the first in Sri Lankan Schools. The building was opened and blessed by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjit the Archbishop of Colombo.

Sister also opened up Computer classes for the Primary School. A play area was built for the Primary students during her tenure of office.