Advanced Level - Commerce

Golden EVE - 2023

LLF Camp - 2022 

(Life, Love & Friendship)

The life education camp of grade 12 Commerce was held on the 11th, 12th & 13th of August 2022 at Boys’ Town, Diyagala, Ragama. The theme of our camp was LLF; Life, Love & Friendship. The main mentor of the camp was Mr.Mahinda Namal while Mrs.Nadeeja Perera & Mrs.Tharanga Fernando gave their assistance to us.

We started our journey on the 11th at about 7.20 am by train from the station, Kalutara South, and went to the Basilica of our Lady - Ragama by bus from the station. We went to the Boys’ town by bus and started our camp by taking an oath that this camp would be a turning point in our lives and we would participate in the camp with all our hearts, strength, and mind. Then our mentor divided us into 3 groups and we named our groups “Dream Girls”, “Tigress” and “White wolves” and performed a “Haka”. We all were asked to carry an egg in our hand while we are doing every activity in our camp. Our mentor explained to us the value of our lives in the 1st session of the camp and watched the movie “Pink” which showcases the power of “No” and the things which we should be careful about being a girl in this society.

We got up at 5 a.m. on both days (12th & 13th) and took our bed tea. On the 12th we started the day with a meditation about life as a gift and joined an exercise session to warm up for the day. We took a small walk around the boys’ town area. After that, our mentor preached to us about the life journey and we sang some meaningful songs during the sessions. On that night when the power went off we lit up candles and we were asked to write a letter which was received from our religious leader (Jesus/Lord Buddha / Allah). We played Elle in the evening. Rev.Fr.Anton Jayananda sang songs with us at night on the second day of our camp.

On the last day of our camp, we got up as the day before and joined with a meditation about our nature outside. Then our mentor taught us how to prepare for exams and how to manage our work with the time. He taught us that “I’m the engineer to build my life and I have all the strength that I need to step into a bright future despite a dark past. “We wrote a target for our life to achieve it soon. After a while, we gathered as Commerce union, Accounting circle, Business studies circle, and Economics circle to discuss about our projects and it was a success. We came to the end of our camp; joined with a meditation to write about what we would achieve and what we would give up on a folded paper flower and put it into a water basin to wait until it bloom in the water. We had tasty meals prepared by the boys and the other staff at boys’ town and they were very friendly and helpful.

We said goodbye to everyone in the boys’ town and departed on the 13th Saturday. We started our retuning first by a bus to Ragama station and went to Maradana station to catch another train. We took photos and enjoyed ourselves a lot during the camp. Not only we got fun but also we took many moral lessons and enlightenments from the camp. It was really a turning point in our lives and we were so much grateful for our mentor Mahinda sir and our teachers; Mrs.Nadeeja & Mrs.Tharanga for giving us a great opportunity to organize and participate for a camp like that. There were many obstacles when organizing and participating in the camp LLF. But we really appreciate all those who helped us in every way they can. That was the end of our camp and we all thanked our heavenly father for protecting us during the journey.

Written by:-

Nimshi Rosheen

(12 Commerce-2022) 

The Annual Commerce Day

The 19th annual Commerce day under the title, “Towards benignant entrepreneurship in the platform of social media” was held by the senior commerce union in the main hall. The managing Director of Helakuru (pvt) limited and the founder of Bhasha Lanka (pvt) limited and Hela pay, Mr. Dhanika Perera participated as the chief guest.

The past pupil of Commerce section and the lecturer of management students in NSBM Green University, Ms.  Aushadhari  Kaushalya was the guest of honor. The Assistant director of Commerce in Zonal office Kalutara. Mrs.P.A.U.Perera too participated for the Commerce Day. All the students of Commerce section performed in events and it was successfully ended with the participation of students in 10 surrounded by schools.  

commersday new setting fill .pdf

Commerce Day-2020

The first virtual commerce day of Sri Lanka “Susanchalana” was celebrated on the  7th of June 2021 by the students of commerce section of Holy Family Convent ,Kalutara.

The theme of the commerce day was “Towards new development in kinetic intelligence.

Business Studies Circle 2020

The Business Studies Circle of Commerce section organized a program to acknowledge the Advanced Level students on the topic, 

'The Time is equal to the life'

The lecture was delivered by the Social Activist & the Specialist Ms. Shenali Perera. 

It was held on 25th September 2020 in the school main hall. 

Commerce day - 2017

The commerce section 2017 of our school organized their annual commerce day “Suisau” on 29th of September. The theme of the Programme was “Event management”. Mr. Dilan Rathnayakae, lecturer, faculty of management and commerce at University of Sri Jyawardanapura was the chief guest and Mrs. Krishni Dinali, a past pupil of our school was the guest of honor. Much variety of events took place on that day. A lecture was handled by the chief guest and students from many schools attended the occasion.

English work shop

An English work shop conducted by economic study circle of the commerce union was held on 18th September 2017 from morning to late night for all Advanced Level Students. All English teachers of the school extended their support. It provided an opportunity for the students to use the English Language. It was a successful Programme.