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Holy Family Convent

The Welcome of Grade 1 students to the year 2022 

Grade 1 new attendance for the year 2024 took place on 21st of January, in the school main hall with the presence of Rev. Fr. Leo Camilas the Parish Priest of Kalutara.

At the welcome ceremony the new students were accompanied by the primary western band of the school and were given a lotus each by the grade 2 students. The day’s ceremony was added color by the primary students with a few dancing and singing items. Parents of the new batch were also present and Rev. Fr. Camilas Blessed all these who were present.


The Annual Senior Prefects’ Project 2023 was held on the 24th of November at the school main hall under the theme “A world that gives glory to God alone through the family”

This project was presented to add new life to the dream of the founder of the Holy Family Association, Venerable Peter Bienvenu Noailles to see the universe as one family.

The effort put in the project was successfully completed with a deep sense, of how we can contribute to build the universal family with the student of the A/L section and the students of 13 other schools.

REUSE - Exhibition 

Golden Eve 2023

Primary Sports Meet - 2023

Holy Family Convent, Kalutara celebrated “The Children’s Day “on the 3rd of October 2022 in a very innovative manner. The creativity and tremendous efforts of the teachers of aesthetic subjects and the support of the whole academic and non-academic staff made the day successful.


Rev. Sr. Jessica Kulathunga


Rev. Sr. Maureen Hettiarachchi